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Restraining Order denied and no charges filed

A client was accused of domestic violence, and the complaining witness filed for a restraining order.  Traci Carrillo spent time with her client to understand the issues.  She aggressively and successfully defended the restraining order.  The order was denied and her client was awarded attorneys' fees as a result.  He recouped his financial loss in obtaining a lawyer to defend against the restraining order.  Because the client had retained his lawyer before criminal charges were filed against him, Traci Carrillo was able to use her prosecutorial background to his advantage.  She gathered evidence and supporting background information on behalf of her client that she knew would help convince (and did convince) the District Attorney to not file charges against her client. 

Charges reduced from felonies to misdemeanors.

Early preparation is the key to success in many cases.  Ms. Carrillo will hire independent private investigators to develop her client's side of the case, which may have been ignored or rejected.  She will help her clients gather the relevant information to support his/her side of the case and present it to the prosecutor.  As a result, she has successfully reduced her client's liability by obtaining misdemeanor convictions through plea bargaining and saving them from a felony conviction.  

Reducing prison or jail time.

When clients are facing violations of their probation, they have typically frustrated the court system - the prosecutor, the probation department, and the Judge.  This often ends with a recommendation for a maximum prison sentence.  Traci Carrillo has successfully worked through this challenge by working with her client to develop the positive things he/she has done on probation, or challenged the merits of the violation itself.  This has resulted in the client being given another opportunity at probation with an alternative consequence that avoids a prison sentence.

Criminal Charges Dismissed.

A client was charged with felonies including grand theft and elder abuse.  Traci worked closely with an investigator to develop the defense.  This ultimately exposed a lack of a properly investigated case by law enforcement, resulting in dismissals of all charges.  Another client was charged with residential burglary.  Again, Traci worked closely with an investigator to develop the defense, which exposed huge problems with the investigation that led to the charges, resulting in a dismissal of this serious charge. 

Restraining Order Granted.

A prior domestic violence victim turned to various agencies to assist her in getting a restraining order.  Because there was no current abuse or threat, they turned her away.  Traci worked with her to present the background of the abuse and the continued pattern that would result in abuse if the order was not granted.  Ultimately, the Judge granted a five year restraining order for this victim.

No Criminal Charges Filed.

A client was arrested and accused of kidnapping and domestic violence.  Traci worked with the client to gather up evidence in defense of the charges, along with character letters and positive background evidence on behalf of her client.  In presenting the information to the District Attorney's Office, they declined to file criminal charges.

Determinate Sentence in lieu of life without the possibility of parole.

A young client was facing life without the possibility of parole for murder and gang charges.  Traci focused an aggressive investigation into the charges to raise doubt in the strength of the District Attorney's case.  Her client was able to resolve his matter for lesser charges and a "determinate term" in prison instead of life without the possibility of parole.