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In September 2016, Priscilla Ponce joined the firm!


In September 2016, long time Family Law Attorney David Hamilton retired.  His "right hand", PRISCILLA PONCE, was up for grabs!  I feel very fortunate that Priscilla agreed to join the firm.
Priscilla grew up in Sonoma County and has a deep understanding of the diverse backgrounds and struggles of our Hispanic clientele.  Bi-lingual, and with a strong family law background, Priscilla is able to help our clients cross cultural boundaries to understand and navigate through their legal problems.
Priscilla is always available to take your calls, answer your questions, and ensure a fluid connection with me, even if I'm in Court.  She truly has become my "right hand", and I feel so lucky to have our on my team!

Girl Power!!

Although a "team of two", we are told we work like a team of twenty!
We have the experience, drive, determination and energy to get the job done efficiently and effectively.
We won't disappoint!

More about Priscilla

Priscilla had a unique opportunity to interpret for Spanish speaking Clients during mediation, which is required in child custody cases in family law.  This gives her an "insider's view" of what to expect during those mandatory mediation sessions which are usually a deciding factor in how child custody is shared.  This is very helpful to our clients in preparing them for mediation